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Starbead® is a high quality glass angular grain resulting from the specialized processing of selected glass cullet.

Glass Grit

Starbead® are high quality glass angular grains resulting from the specialized processing of selected glass cullet.

Abrasive Blasting: The angular profile of crushed glass grit allow for aggressive surface profiling. The product delivers very low grit embedment and is therefore regularly specified as a secondary process to remove embedment caused by other friable abrasives. Suitable for blasting of all non-ferrous metals, weld seams prior to inspection.

Abrasive Applications: FEPA-graded for coated papers and belts, standard grades for surface finishing by blasting. Inert Fillers: Graded to customer specifications for use as fillers in rubber, plastics, industrial flooring (non-skid), brick-fluxing agent, sintered mosaic tiles, tile glaze and filtration.

Si02 : 70 – 73% (No free silica)
AI203 : 0.5 – 2%
NaO & KO  : 13 – 15%
CaO : 8 – 11%
MgO  : 3 – 5%


Hardness : 6 Moh scale
Specific weight : 2-3
Average bulk density : 1.6 kg/l 
Free Silica :  None
Shape  : Angular 
Storage  :  Dry, sheltered storage conditions   
Packaging :  25 kg bags