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Glass Beads
Starbead® are high quality glass micro spheres resulting from the specialised processing of selected glass cullet.

Glass Beads

Starbead® Roadmarking Beads are solid, spherical glass beads manufactured according to BS6088, Class B. The high quality glass microspheres are obtained from a specialised process using selected glass culet.

Starbead® standard glass beads are a major factor in increasing road safety in an economical manner. Thanks to the beads’ retro-reflective action at night, a vehicle’s headlight beam is returned to the driver’s eye. The microspheres not only multiply the visibility of road markings at night, but also increase the marking’s durability in general. Starbead® glass beads are used as a drop-on agent and as premix beads for roadmarking materials.

Si02 : 72.55% (no free silica)
AI203 :  2.08%
K2O : 0.88%
Na2O : 13.78%
CaO : 7.02%
MgO : 3.02%


Hardness  :  6-7 Moh scale
Specific weight  :   2-3
Average bulk density :  1.6 kg/L
Free silica : None
Shape :  Round
Reflectivity – Nd ≥ 1.5 for coated and uncoated
Storage :  Dry, sheltered storage conditions
Packaging : 25 kg bags palletised