Blastrite is a leading manufacturer and distributor of granular abrasives.
    Blastrite has two mineral processing facilities in South Africa as well as sales and distribution infrastructure throughout Africa, the Middle East, SE Asia, the USA and Europe, all of which supply the petrochemical, shipping, construction and mining industries with internationally approved and certified loose abrasives.

Platinum Grit Blasting Abrasive

Blastrite® Platinum Grit is a specially selected and graded slag abrasive with sharp angular particles.

Garnet (Natural Mineral Abrasive)

Microblast® is a natural mineral abrasive, reddish/pink in colour, predominantly almandine consisting of sub-angular particles mined from an alluvial resource.

Glass Beads

Starbead® are high quality glass micro spheres resulting from the specialised processing of selected glass cullet.

Glass Grit

Starbead® is a high quality glass angular grain resulting from the specialized processing of selected glass cullet.

Road Marking Beads

Starbead® Roadmarking Beads are solid, spherical glass beads manufactured according to BS6088, Class B. The high quality glass microspheres are obtained from a specialised process using selected glass culet.

Trackrite Mineral Slag Traction Media

Trackrite® is a specially selected and graded mineral slag with sharp angular particles, black in colour and particularly resistant.

Brown Aluminium Oxide

ALCAB is an extremely hard brown fused alumina which is very resistant against fracturing on impact. It is the second hardest mineral after a diamond.

Steel Grit

Steel Angular Grit is produced by crushing specifically heat-treated shot pellets. Service characteristics depend upon hardness selection.

Steel Shot

Steel Shot is a fully heat-treated spherical product of hyper-eutectoid steel. It has a uniform structure of finely tempered martensite to provide optimum resilience and resistance to fatigue.


ECOGRIT® is an unique blend of two natural occurring mineral abrasives mined from an alluvial resource.


This product is a hard and unyielding abrasive, available in angular shapes. Starblast® is made by crushing sintering Bauxite ore.


Sodium bicarbonate is water soluble, environmentally friendly, suitable for open blasting applications where reduced operating dust levels and ease of waste disposal are essential.


This product is a hard and unyielding abrasive in spherical shapes. Starball is made by sintering fine Bauxite ore.

Striprite Plastic

Striprite® Urea Plastic Media is produced from rejected and recycled mouldings, which are crushed, ground and graded in carefully controlled conditions.


Studies show that pre-treatment before coating application is the single most decisive factor impacting lifetime, and thus cost-effectiveness. Poorly pre-treated surfaces with contamination and insufficient blast cleaning result in reduced coating adhesion, blister formation and ultimately corrosion under the coating.

Blast cleaning
Bristle Blaster
Mechanical wire brushing
Mechanical disc-sanding
Needle chipping
Mechanical rust chipping
Mechanical scraping (air powered)
Hand brushing
Hand scraping
Water jetting including ultra high pressure water jetting
Electrolytic descaling
Ideal for spot repairs, touch up jobs and weld seams
Risk of polishing
Some risk of polishing
Some risk of indentations
Not good
Good combined with other methods
Only to be used in combination with other methods
Very good but with risk of flash rusting
Salt water tanks only. For removal of rust scale only not paint