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Blastrite is the leading manufacturer and distributor of granular abrasives in Johannesburg, providing high-quality blasting products to various industries such as petrochemicals, shipping, construction, and mining. Renowned for our international-grade abrasive to meet the needs of most blasting applications, we ensure that our clients achieve the best possible results when using our abrasive blasting media.

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Blastrite’s product portfolio includes a range of high grade sandblasting materials such as platinum grit blasting abrasive, garnet, glass beads, road marking beads, trackrite mineral slag traction media, brown aluminum oxide, steel grit, steel shot and more. Our abrasives are carefully sourced and all are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards.

Blastrite’s advanced technologies and expertise means we can offer our clients cost-effective solutions for your sandblasting needs. Our premium abrasives are designed to provide the most consistent, effective, and efficient cleaning and preparation of surfaces prior to coating.

Blastrite’s abrasives are suitable for a variety of applications, including surface preparation and finishing, coating removal, and many more. Our large selection of abrasive media for sale comes in a range of different particle sizes, allowing you to customize the product based on your requirements.

High Quality Abrasive Blasting Media Johannesburg

At Blastrite, we are committed to environmental sustainability, striving to use sustainable technologies and processes to minimize waste, reduce emissions, and conserve natural resources. Each of our products have specific safety data sheets, offering information and advice to ensure that they meet the highest health and safety standards.

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Our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality products makes us the leading manufacturer and distributor of granular abrasives in South Africa. Each product from glass bead blasting media to our EcoGrit is designed to be effective and efficient. As one of the most reputable sandblasting companies in Johannesburg, we provide the best possible results for all of our clients. If you are in need of abrasive media for sandblasting in Johannesburg, take a look at our selection of granular abrasives. We can help you choose the right product for your requirements, so get in touch with our sandblasting experts today and see how we can help.

Phone: 08600 BLAST (08600 25278) Email: sales@wdgdevelopment.co.za/erakis/blasrite