Mechanical Tools

Blastrite partners with Monti to bring our customers Green Surface Preparation technologies. Now available in Africa, the Bristle Blaster®is available for the removal of  corrosion, mill scale and defunct protective coatings with a surface cleanliness similar to SA 2.5 (NACE No.2/SSPC-SP10 to SA 3 (NACE No.1/SSPC-SP5), and has the ability to restore surface to DIN EN ISO 8501-1 / SA 2.5 to SA 3.New-Blaster-PicMONTI website link3

The Bristle Blaster® can be used in areas  where blasting is not permitted, on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. With negligible heat generation, the Bristle Blaster® leaves surfaces free of thermal damage and/or heat marking, eliminates the need for complex and costly abrasive blast equipment and does not incur major transport costs.

It has low energy requirements and does not use/produce hazardous materials. Its light and ergonomic design allows continuous operation with minimal fatigue at low noise levels.

For more technical information on the Bristle Blaster®, please visit our downloads page for the latest Product Sheet.