Glass grit


Trade name

Starbead® Grit


A silica-free, durable, chemically inert and granular particle that offers aggressive surface profiling and removal of a variety of coatings.


  • Abrasive Applications: FEPA-graded for coated papers and belts, standard grades for surface finishing by blasting
  • Inert Fillers: Graded to customer specifications for use as fillers in rubber, plastics, industrial flooring (non-skid), brick-fluxing agent, sintered mosaic tiles, tile glaze and filtration.
  • Decorative: Special effects. The angular particles in crushed glass grit allow for aggressive surface profiling and removal of coatings such as epoxy, paint, alkyds, vinyl, polyurea, coal tar and elastomers.


  • Silica-free.
  • Non-toxic and inert.
  • Manufactured from 100% post-consumer recycled bottle glass, thus benefits the environment by diverting waste from landfills.
  • Produces a whiter, cleaner finish relative to mineral/slag abrasives.
  • Lighter weight than many slags, allowing for increased consumption efficiency and production time - up to 30-50% less glass grit used.

Technical data

  • Hardness: 6 Moh scale
  • Specific weight: 2.5 g/cm3
  • Bulk weight: 1.6 g/cm3
  • Free silica: None
  • Shape: Angular
  • Storage: Dry, sheltered storage conditions
  • Packaging: 25 kg bags

Typical chemical analysis

  • Si02: 70 - 73% (No free silica)
  • Al203: 0.5 - 2%
  • NaO and KO: 13 - 15%
  • CaO: 8 - 11%
  • MgO: 3 - 5%

Sieving range

  • Grade: C-B24, Size range: 150-300 microns
  • Grade: C-B48, Size range: 850-425 microns