APR 23, 2014

Practical painting tips to follow quality surface preparation projects

We all know good surface preparation is the key to a quality paint finish, blast a surface with our specialist media and we guarantee it’ll deliver the best possible results. Wait a minute before you start to paint the surface area though, have you covered all the basics to ensure you achieve a professional result?   

This is what we recommend…

Do you have the right tools?

Okay, you’ve blasted the surface area back to basics so are you ready to proceed? Form a checklist of the items you’ll require, this could include brushes and primers, top coats and rollers, or a spray gun, compressor, breathing equipment and a spray pump if you are working on an industrial painting project.  

Are you happy with the colour?

Before you commit to painting a large area are you totally satisfied with the colour you have chosen? It’s a good idea to try a sample area first, buy a small tester if possible, paint a patch and see how it dries. Like the colour? Buy paint in bulk and get stuck into the project.

Is the batch the same?

Here’s another tip for you when buying paint, always check the batch number for consistency. Paints from different batches can be slightly different, you’ll only notice this when the colour is applied to the walls.  

Do you have enough paint?

This is a classic mistake to make and you wouldn’t be the first person to run out of paint halfway through a project. Measure up the area beforehand and work out how many tins of paint you require. Not only will this prevent you from running out of paint during the job, it could save you money, buying in bulk is often cheaper than having to buy extra tins before the task is complete.  

Remember to prepare the surface properly before you tackle any painting tasks, we have plenty of media in stock suitable for all kinds of pre-paint tasks.  

Created on 23rd April 2014
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