OCT 28, 2014

Painting the outside of your home professionally

You’ll know when it’s time to freshen-up the outside of your home.  The paintwork will lose its appeal, the windows will look lifeless and the door will be a dreary shade of drab.

Chin up though, with a bit of prep work you’ll soon have that exterior looking spick and span.

We’ve got a few ideas that should help you out in this area. Don’t attempt to paint your home before you do this first.

Clean away dirt and grime

Painted walls attract dust, dirt and grime. Left for a number of years you’ll see visible signs of grime encased within the old coat of paint and this needs to be removed.

Cleaning away the top layer of dirt will give you a good base area. You can then prepare the area properly and apply a fresh coat of paint.

Choose a gentle type of blast media to perform this function, sodium bicarbonate is a good example. This removes paint, dirt and graffiti with ease without damaging the surface underneath.     

Give the area a good clean prior to painting and you can see where other preparatory work is required.

Fill any defects

Once you blast away the top layer of paint you’ll be able to have a good look at the surface area underneath. Can you see any minor cracks in the surface? If so, it’s time to fill them and sand them smooth.

Use a durable masonry filler to pack into those cracks and this will cover any defects. Let it dry and it’ll go hard, then it’s simply a case of sanding it smooth.

Clean windows

Before you paint exterior walls gives your window frames a clean. If they are plastic you can use a specialist PVC cleanser which removes stubborn stains. Timber frames can either be sanded smooth and re-stained or stripped back, painted with undercoat and given a top coat of durable gloss paint.

Paint doors

Do the same with exterior doors as well. For PVC doors use a professional cleaner to shift dirt and grime. Wooden doors could be stripped back and stained, or sanded down then painted with primer, undercoat and top coat.  

Next paint the exterior walls

Once you have prepped the walls and painted windows and doors go around painting the exterior of the property.  Painting systems make light work of this task, spray the walls with masonry paint and they’ll leave you with a lovely looking home.  

All finished?

Well done you! 

Created on 28th October 2014
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