FEB 12, 2014

Tips for using a paint sprayer

Hopefully you’ll receive some type of training before you use a paint sprayer for the first time, this way you’ll know the basics when you approach a painting project. Paint sprayers coat surfaces evenly and the results are very impressive, as long as you know how to use them of course! We’ve listed a few pointers in this next blog from Blastrite, class them as the do’s and don’ts of paint spraying if you like.

Starting off – Before you begin spraying check all the equipment is functioning correctly and everything is linked up and connected as it should be. This includes the compressor, spray pump and aftercoolers, along with the operator’s breathing equipment as well. Also, make sure you are using the right sized tips, get this wrong and too much paint will be applied to the surface which might run or cause overspray. Once you are happy with the base equipment you can begin.

Position your body – Grip the spray gun in your hand and make sure it feels comfortable. Think of the gun as a natural extension of your arm and this should help you to relax. Stand facing the item you are planning to paint with your feet just over shoulder width apart and the leg opposite the spray gun slightly back to give you greater flexibility during spraying.

Set the distance – Stand too close to the surface area during spraying and too much paint can be applied. Stand too far back from the surface area and you won’t spray enough paint on the target area. Aim to spray around 12” away from the object you are spraying, this should deliver the best results.

Keep the gun upright – To achieve flawless results with spraying avoid using the gun at steep angles. The spray gun needs to remain vertical at all times, tilt it up or down and that will produce uneven paint patterns.

Use even strokes – It’s a good idea to go to from left to right or vice versa when you are spraying. Start off on the left with a stroke for example, and when you get to the end, start the new stroke on the right, above the area you have just painted.

Practice! As with all things, practice makes perfect, the more you spray the more confident you feel and the better your skills become.

Good luck!

Created on 12th February 2014
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