JAN 30, 2018

The Advantages of Aluminium Oxide as a Blasting Abrasive

There are many different types of blast media available, so why choose aluminium oxide for surface preparation?  As the second hardest mineral in the world, aluminium oxide is extremely resistant to fracturing upon impact, so it makes a durable and dependable type of grit blast, well-known for its reliability. There are other advantages to using this media too, and we explain more about them in greater detail here.

It has a longer cutting life

Renowned for its hard wearing nature, aluminium oxide has a longer cutting life which means it gives you unbelievable value for money and proves to be a very cost-effective option.

The surface profile is much better

Used as a blast abrasive, aluminium oxide provides the perfect surface profile, giving areas the best possible outline for any type of coating adhesion.

You can use it on tough materials

Due to the sturdy nature of aluminium oxide, it will easily prepare the toughest steels and you can even use it on stainless steel, which might not be possible with other blast abrasives.    

It’s not toxic and there are no dust levels

Aluminium oxide is a totally non-toxic material that is completely inert and entirely natural. Benefiting from being easy to clean up, this dust-free material gives the operator clearer visibility, and it’s also non-reactant, so it doesn’t interfere with new coatings.   

There are many benefits to using aluminium oxide, and thanks to its versatile and economical nature,    it’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular cutting abrasives. Simply store it in a cool, well-ventilated area and order it in bulk bags to get the maximum benefit from this very durable blast media.

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Created on 30th January 2018
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