SEP 27, 2017

The Top Uses For Glass Beads

You might have heard about glass bead abrasives. These little microspheres of glass are made to the highest quality and have many advantages. Great for general cleaning, deburring and decorative finishing, glass beads work especially well if you are worried about over-stressing and don’t want to cause damage to surface areas. There are a number of uses for glass beads and we list their main purpose here.

Reflective Surfaces

Due to their highly refractive properties, glass beads are a really good material to use for reflective signs, chemical coatings and other types of reflective surfaces. They are widely used in the production of reflective films, clothing and other reflective products thanks to their aptitude for bouncing light back.


Glass beads are sometimes used as reinforcement fillers for a wide range of industries. They are commonly used in the plastic industry where they are dispersed into plastic compounds helping to reinforce the material during shaped moulding processes. They are also used in adhesives to enhance the strength of the bond and can also be used as insulating materials in a diverse range of products.   

Road Markings

Sparkly glass beads are used to great effect in road marking media and paints. The beads have a retro-reflective action in the dark, returning the beam of the vehicle’s headlights back to the driver, as the lights on the car detect the safety road markings. Helping to make roads safer to drive on, these little beads of glass shine bright and clear at night.  

Shot Blasting

Beads made from glass are commonly used for shot peening and the surface blasting of many different types of materials.  They are particularly effective for sensitive surfaces due to their fine finishing capabilities. Ideal for the cold working of metal surfaces and very effective at cleaning parts like pistons, glass beads come in different sizes and they can also be recycled many times over.    

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Created on 27th September 2017
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