DEC 18, 2013

5 points to consider when sandblasting surfaces

We always advise our customers to take extra precautions when they are sandblasting surface areas and we recommend wearing safety gear for obvious reasons whenever you are tackling a new project. If you take precautions, sandblasting is a safe, surface preparation method just as long as you keep some of these points in mind.

Watch out for airborne dangers

One of the biggest hazards caused by sandblasting is airborne dust escaping into the atmosphere. This is why breathing apparatus is essential during surface preparation, it helps to filter out airborne dust and prevents operators from breathing in harmful materials that could affect the respiratory system.

Test equipment first

Always check your equipment prior to carrying out sandblasting operations, this includes blasting pots, hoses and all ancillary equipment. Accidents happen through operator negligence, get into the habit of testing all your sandblasting accessories before you tackle any surface preparation work.

Use approved safety apparel

Don’t take short cuts when it comes to safety wear, make sure the blasting helmet, protective overalls, gloves, boots and breathing equipment is suitable for the task in hand. Perform visual checks on the safety gear, if you see signs of excessive wear replace the items straight away. This is important, especially if safety helmets are broken, or they have parts missing, chances shouldn’t be taken.   

Try to contain dust levels

Where possible use plastic sheeting or other containment methods to prevent dust from blowing into the surrounding areas. Monitor the amount of dust that is being sent into the air, move objects away from the area if you can.

Prepare thoroughly

Good preparation is the key to sandblasting surface areas, so consider all safety and practical aspects of the task in hand. As long as you have the right tools, pick the right media to blast with, take a firm line on safety and follow set procedures when you are blasting this should deliver perfect results.    

Created on 18th December 2013
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