JAN 5, 2015

Blast cleaning for automobiles – what it can be used for

Restore a classic car and blast cleaning is a useful method to strip parts back to basics. It’s especially effective for paint removal and corrosion treatment if you are contemplating a bare metal restoration.  Numerous parts of a vehicle can be treated with blast media. In particular these areas are commonly restored during a classic car renovation.

Panel paint removal

Blast cleaning is a handy tool used for stripping old paintwork away. This prepares the vehicle for a total body respray. During the process a top layer of paint is chipped away using a combination of blast media and compressed air leaving the bare metal exposed underneath. This metal can then be treated, dents filled and imperfections fixed before primers and top coats of paint are applied afterwards.

Corrosion treatment

Metal affected by corrosion can also be treated with a blast cleaning process. During this process rust is removed and surface corrosion disappears with the careful use of blast media. In heavily pitted areas sections of metal can receive further treatment following blast cleaning prior to the surface being painted afterwards.       

Engine cleaning

Cylinder heads, engine blocks, exhaust manifolds and a variety of engine parts are commonly cleaned using blast media to remove surface rust and signs of dirt of grease. This can leave the engine looking like new although some classic car owners prefer a ‘moderately’ cleaned option that removes most of the imperfections but still leaves the block showing signs of use.  

Wheel cleaning

Rusty wheels spoil the appearance of a car. One simple way to restore wheels back to their racing glory is to blast them with a special type of media. Whether the wheels are made from magnesium, steel wires or wooden spokes, a quick blast with carefully selected materials will have them looking like new. 

Blast cleaning is popular with car renovators. Invest in a classic vehicle that requires a total restoration and we can supply you with the perfect media for the project at Blastrite.    

Created on 5th January 2015
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