MAR 6, 2014

Mistakes you can make when sandblasting surfaces

Over the years we’ve dealt with numerous customers at Blastrite and most of the people that buy granular abrasive commodities from our company are industry professionals that provide sandblasting services to a range of clients. That doesn’t mean to say mistakes aren’t made though, we’ve heard a few worrying stories in our time involving sandblasting processes so we thought we’d highlight the common problems associated with surface preparation in our latest blog.  

Poor safety – One of the biggest causes for concern when sandblasting surface areas is poor safety measures. Protection has to be worn whatever you are sandblasting, skin should be covered, the eyes, hands and mouth have to be protected, plus any part of the body that might be exposed to the process should be given a protective layer which basically covers just about everything and anything.  

Picking the wrong particles – You can cause more damage than good if you fail to select the right blasting particles for the task you have in mind. Sand might be great for one project but glass beads could be better for another. If in doubt talk to your supplier of abrasive materials, we’d be happy to give you pointers at Blastrite.

Lack of experience – If you are inexperienced at sandblasting do you really want to tackle a major surface preparation process? Okay, if the job is relatively small you should be okay, just be sure to follow the standard safety procedures, take the time to learn how to operate the equipment properly and pick the right abrasive media. If you think the job is too large and you lack experience though don’t feel bad about calling for professional help.

These are basic mistakes to make with sandblasting but they can be avoided by sticking to a few simple rules. Competency is vital, safety is paramount and ideally you should pick the right media to see the task through. For help in this area speak to one of the team at Blastrite, our granular abrasive commodities are good to go!


Created on 6th March 2014
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