JUL 29, 2016

Metal Surface Paint Failure – What Went Wrong?

Spray a paint coating over a metal surface and you wouldn’t expect it to fail, not for a long time at least. This does happen though for a number of reasons and when it does the surface area looks appalling.

To understand some of the reasons why paint might fail on metal surfaces, we explore what can go wrong. 

Failure in adhesive properties

Paint can lose its adhesive property which results in a loss of contact with the surface area. In most instances, the reasons behind the failure are a poor choice of paint or incorrect preparation of the area that is due to be painted.  Paint struggles to hold fast to metal materials, especially if you fail to clean and grind down rough areas. Carefully prepare the surface and you reduce the chance of this happening and give the paint a good base to adhere to.

Chalking and paint degradation

Given time and paint can suffer from a condition known as chalking. This is when the surface layer of paint starts to break down as the film deteriorates and causes a change in appearance. In most instances, the paint looks like it has been bleached with visible signs of white residue on the surface area. This is more noticeable on darker shades of paint and is often caused by environmental conditions and exposure to UV rays. Choosing the right coating with a good UV resistance can help to prevent this occurring in the future.


Paint bubbles or blisters are unsightly and totally preventable. They are often caused when a second coat of paint is applied without letting the first coat of paint dry. Bubbles and blisters can also appear when paint with a solvent base is applied to a hot surface area, causing the solvent to boil. Sometimes the problem is attributed to permeable paint, where water penetrates the surface film.       

Careful preparation of areas due to be painted is the best way to prevent these issues from happening. If you require surface preparation solutions, we have plenty here for you at Blastrite, with best prices guaranteed.  

Created on 29th July 2016
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