JUL 28, 2017

Common House Restoration Mistakes

What’s the worst thing you could do to your property? Many people realise the benefits of sandblasting to help improve the look and the condition of exterior surfaces, but others simply carry out home renovations that actually do more harm than good.  So this begs the question. What’s the worst thing you could do to your property?

Buying Cheap Paint

Budget paint might be inexpensive to buy but it also looks cheap when it’s applied. Pay a little more for higher quality paint and not only does it look better, it lasts longer, and proves to be a shrewd investment in the long run. Cheap paint fades, peels, and makes interior and exterior surfaces look shoddy in a short space of time. Buy good quality paint and you’ll notice the difference straight away, once applied, your surfaces will look gorgeous.    

 Prepping Surface Areas Poorly

There’s little point spending money on quality paint if you fail to prepare the surface area properly before the fresh paint is applied. It’s a waste of time painting directly over poorly prepped areas, this will simply result in a flawed finish and the paint will look awful.  Old paint needs to be removed, whether you sand this away from timber or sandblast it off exterior walls. Clean the whole area and get it ready for a fresh application of paint.  

Choosing The Wrong Paint Colour

Colour samples were invented for a reason, to let you test colours before you apply them to surface areas. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to buy tins of paint in bulk, cover a large area with them, then decide afterwards you hate the colour of the paint. Once you have totally covered areas with paint, there’s not much you can do if you dislike the colour. The only option left is to repaint the area again, wasting time and money.

It’s easy to get it wrong with house restorations but just as easy to get things right. Sandblasting cleans and restores the look of brickwork or stone, and this is a good option to take if you want to thoroughly prepare surface areas.    

Should you require sandblasting supplies, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Blastrite, or call +27 21 417 1700 for more details.   

Created on 28th July 2017
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