MAY 28, 2015

Why we’re loco about Traction Media!

When you think about it, the concept of train travel is fairly simple. Lay metal tracks from one location to another, run a passenger carrying vehicle on these tracks, and you have a quick and efficient means of covering a large distance in a very reasonable time.

Train travel makes our life easier. Why drive long distances when the train can take the strain? Buy a ticket, hop onboard, and you’ll be arriving at your destination before you know it, feeling refreshed and ready to explore.

Locomotives transport passengers to a host of cities, towns and villages around the globe, they also carry cargo, running speedily and efficiently on time, most of the time. As long as lines are clear from obstructions, locos are fuelled and crewed, nothing should stop trains in their tracks, or so the theory goes.

What can possibly go wrong with train travel?

Life isn’t always smooth on the railways. From time to time locos lock their wheels under heavy braking, they lose traction on steep inclines, or sit motionless, wildly spinning their wheels under acceleration, without going anywhere.

The cause of the problem is steel on steel. The wheels on locomotives are made from steel and so are the tracks they run along. This usually works without problem and trains run without a hitch. From time to time the friction between the wheels and the track is lost, there’s no traction, and wheels slip and lose their grip. 

Traction Media offers the solution  

One way to combat this issue is to use a slag material known as Trackrite. This is traction media, made from specially selected and carefully graded media, it contains sharp angular pieces, and it provides outstanding traction qualities.

The benefits of traction media are immediate. Not only does it stop wheels spinning, it increases grip on sharp inclines, enhances braking on declines, and helps a train accelerate from a standing position, even under a heavy load.

Key advantages of traction media:

  • Reduce Drive Wheel Slip
  • Offer Extra Grip Under Heavy Braking
  • Provide Traction On Steep Descents
  • Improve Grip On Sharp Upward Slops
  • Boost Traction Levels From Standing Starts

Train travel is still one of the most popular methods of getting from city to city, and with Trackrite under the wheels of locos, there’ll be no stopping you! 

Created on 28th May 2015
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