AUG 25, 2017

Things You Didn’t Know You Can Paint But You Can

Our surface preparation treatments are ideal for the paint and coatings industry. Here at Blastrite, we have abrasives, sandblasting materials and painting systems to enable you to apply the perfect finish. When we think of painting surfaces, we naturally assume they are walls or metal surfaces. However, did you know you can also paint all of the following items too, and give them a totally different look?

Wood and Vinyl Floors

If you get tired of sanding and staining wood flooring why give it a coat of paint? You could create a shabby chic look with the flooring and create a distressed look.  Lightly sand, clean and prepare a wooden floor and you can use primer and top coat to give the floor a brand new sense of appeal.


Wall tiles are perfect for painting if you are tired of their existing look. A good coverage of paint will totally reinvent the tiles and you can do this to walls or splashbacks in your kitchen to give them a modern style. There are plenty of primers are out there to give you a good base coat. Then all you have to think about is the colour for the top coat.

Kitchen Appliances

If your refrigerator is starting to look a little shabby maybe the time has come to give this a quick paint. This way, you can really unlock the potential. Your fridge can be so much more than just a place to store food. It can be a work of art if you paint it in your favourite colours. Use a primer as the base coat and really go to town as you unlock your inner artist.


You can even transform the look of something as simple as a lampshade by adding a lick of paint. Try this out on shades you find in second-hand stores and give a pre-owned item some much-needed love. Lamps look lovely freshly painted in a stylish new colour.

Paint is such a versatile substance and you can pretty much use it to cover a wide range of objects. Surface preparation is important before you paint anything, and especially so if you are painting exterior areas. This is something we can help with at Blastrite. Find out more about our sandblasting solutions and painting systems and contact us today by calling +27 21 417 1700.  

Created on 25th August 2017
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