AUG 14, 2014

Our quick and easy guide to cleaning graffiti off your property

In a few cases graffiti can be considered something of an art. But in the majority of instances, it’s an eyesore. And if fit ends up on your property (unless it’s Banksy) you’ll want it removed. So how can you go about doing this?

Here’s our quick guide on removing graffiti.

Where has it been applied ? – First you need to consider the material that the graffiti has been applied to. If it’s a flimsier material then you won’t be able to use a heavy duty power washer to blast it off. If it’s something sturdier, you can use heavier duty equipment.

How has it been applied? – When you know the surface it’s been applied to, next you should look at how it’s been applied. Your first thought will of course be spray paint, and that is the most common, but there are other ways to apply the paint. Markers or paint for example. Obviously, the amount of graffiti plays a big role too.

How’s it done? – There are a few different removal methods, each one designed to work on a specific surface or with a specific material.

  • Paint over – If the graffiti is on a smooth surface then one option you have is to simply paint over it. It’s often cheap, usually simple to do, and there’s no chance that you’ll damage the surface.
  • Chemicals – Many people use solvents to remove any graffiti paint applied to a surface. If you plan on doing this then you must remember that you must consider your own safety. Solvents can be dangerous when miss used. It’s important you use the right solvent for the surface you’re cleaning too; otherwise you could cause some serious damage.
  • Pressure washing – Pressure washing often proves to be one of the most effective methods of cleaning graffiti from a surface, that is, providing the pressure washer is up to the job. Again, you must be careful when operating a pressure washer as when they’re misused they can be very dangerous. 
Created on 14th August 2014
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