SEP 15, 2014

Buying a blast hose – pitfalls to avoid

As a leading provider of blast hose, Blastrite is in the enviable position of being able to offer our customers a quality service at an affordable price.

Our hoses are top specification products built to the highest standard and made to last. Although we can’t comment on the standard of other hose suppliers we can make well-informed observations about what to look for when you invest in a reel of blast hose.

This set of criteria is important... 


Blast hoses are dragged, curled and unravelled within a variety of environments. They live a rough and tumble life and require a good degree of flexibility to survive the conditions.

The hoses at Blastrite are flexible twin-braid products, they’re tough but they offer unrivalled elasticity making them a pleasure to work with on site.

Abrasion resistance

Blast hoses work hard on site. They serve a variety of shot media and are normally used for a host of surface preparation tasks.

Unsurprisingly, these durable hoses come into contact with abrasive surfaces on a routine basis. Therefore, they require a high degree of abrasion resistance, if you pick a hose that fails in this area there could be serious consequences.  

Internal reinforcement

Due to the high pressure of the work completed by blast hoses, and the type of media they carry it’s wise to look for hose that is internally reinforced.

Our products are at Blastrite. The inner hose is reinforced with high tensile synthetic textile mixed with antistatic copper wire, it’s hardy and won’t let you down, no matter how challenging the task becomes.

Weather resistance

Blast hoses are hard at work in all weathers so they need outer coatings capable of coping with a range of conditions.

Our hose is ozone protected and totally weather resistant, come rain or shine it’s hard at work regardless of the weather.

Air pocket protection

Blast hoses have been known to develop air pockets between layers but we take a clever approach to remedy this situation at Blastrite.

We pin-prick the casing to prevent air pockets between layers so the last thing you need to worry about is trapped air when you use any of our hose. 

Check the above to avoid pitfalls when buying blast hose. Or simply shop at blastrite.co.uk for peace of mind. 

Created on 15th September 2014
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