MAY 19, 2017

The Importance of Surface Preparation for Welding

The secret to any successful coating application is to thoroughly prepare the surface beforehand prior to adding any type of top coat. What happens if the surface needs to be welded though, should you be as careful with the initial preparation? Actually, you need to be even more diligent when there are signs of surface corrosion. More so if you need to cut metal away to weld healthy metal plates in place. By carefully preparing the surface beforehand, you can ensure the success of the project.

Whys is surface preparation so important?

Effectively cleaning a surface prior to any type of welding will ensure any joints you create are solid and based on a firm platform. You need to clean any rough edges away, remove rust and general detritus, and give your weld the maximum chance of success. Spend a little time preparing the surface area and you will spare a heap of wasted time later should the joint fail. Careful preparation helps to produce sound welds. Bear that in mind and everything should work out well.    

What should you be thinking about?

Check around the edges of the proposed weld. Ensure they are as clean as possible, and make sure they are free from any signs of scale or rough materials that could spoil the seam.  Surface preparation is especially important for certain types of metals. Metals with higher alloy contents, for example, can be prone to picking up hydrogen contained within grease, or sometimes simply from moisture, causing problems later down the line. Careful surface preparation is required to combat this potential problem.      

Blasting abrasives make a difference

Choosing the appropriate abrasive can make a huge difference to the success of any surface preparation and welding operation. Select the right media and you can carefully clean around the area you want to weld and make sure it is perfectly prepared without damaging or causing undue stress to the surface area. The good news is you will find a wealth of granular abrasives available for any type of surface preparation. When it comes to making the right decision, we can help you choose the ideal option here at Blastrite.

As one of the leading providers of blast abrasives, we can support you with all of your preparation projects, whatever type of surface you are working on.  Simply contact us today to discuss your individual requirements or call us on +27 21 417 1700.         


Created on 19th May 2017
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