FEB 13, 2017

Different Types of Steelwork Preparation

Pre-treatment is vital when you are preparing steelwork prior to painting. Whether you are renovating a fuel tank, water container, or want to recoat the surface area of a metal bridge, different systems can be used during the preparation process to ensure the surface area is perfect prior to applying protective coatings and layers of paint.

We’re somewhat experienced at the various types of surface preparation here at Blastrite. As one of South Africa’s leading suppliers of granular abrasives and surface preparation commodities, we provide class leading equipment suitable for the following types of surface preparation, including:

Grit Blasting  

This process might include the use of platinum, glass and steel grit particles that are hardy, resilient and extremely resistant to fracturing upon surface impact. Perfect for a wide variety of surface preparation projects, grit blasting is widely used in countless industries and achieves perfect results. 

Sand Blasting

Sandblasting is a means of propelling fine beads of sand at high velocity using compressed air. When the sand comes into contact with a surface area it comprehensively cleans it, stripping away dirt and surface debris with ease.   

Water Jetting

Water jetting is a highly effective cleaning method incorporating high-pressure water blasting to environmentally clean surface areas. Ultra-high-pressure water jetting is powerful and very effective, used for surface preparation, cold cutting, and storage tank preparation.     

Bead Blasting

Industrial beads are particularly effective at cleaning a variety of surface areas. They are perfect for general cleaning on metal surfaces and good for honing and polishing purposes.  Beads are practical and particularly effective for cold working on metal materials.

Shot Blasting

Heat treated steel shot is the perfect material to prepare steel castings, pipes, bars and metal strips. Popular within a host of industries, it is often used in foundries, the automotive industry, for aviation purposes and steel fabrication requirements.

All of these processes are commonly used during the preparation of metalwork. Should you require competitively priced blasting abrasives, contact us here at Blastrite on +27 21 417 1700.  

Created on 13th February 2017
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