AUG 26, 2016

Sandblasting Safety Wear You Need!

Sandblasting can be an extremely dangerous process and safety should always come first. As well as using your sandblaster safely, the appropriate safety gear will offer you the protection you need should anything go wrong.

Dust masks

You may think that abrasive dust doesn’t cause any harm, but you’d be wrong! If you’re regularly using a sand blaster, you’re at a high risk of silicosis, so you need to protect yourself by using a dust mask. A dual respirator would be even better for your health, but these are more expensive. When abrasives come into contact with surfaces at high pressure, a dangerous dust is created, which when inhaled, will kill your lungs.

 Also, you should never use play sand in your sand blaster. It contains a large amount of silica, which if you inhale, will be extremely damaging to your lungs.

Safety goggles

Safety goggles will protect your eyes whenever you’re using your sandblaster and should particularly be worn if you’re blasting an indoor room. You may even want to wear them if you’re using a sand blasting cabinet, just to make sure your eyes are kept healthy and happy.

Protective clothing

Professional sandblasting suits are undoubtedly the best option you can choose to wear when you use your sand blaster, but these are relatively expensive, and if you only occasionally use your sand blaster, you may not want to make this investment.

If you’re not going to wear a sand blaster suit, a long-sleeved t-shirt and long trousers are essential as there’s always a chance of your hose exploding or falling off. If such an accident does happen, you’ll want whatever protection you can get from the flow or high-pressure abrasive hitting you.

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Created on 26th August 2016
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