FEB 22, 2018

The Immediate Benefits of Road Marking Glass Beads

Glass beads have been a major contributing factor to advancements in road safety for a number of years now, and in this blog, we look at some of the more obvious benefits of this type of reflective and highly visible material. 

What are the typical applications for road marking glass beads?

Glass beads can be added to road marking materials to improve road safety by making the markings more reflective at night. The beads use a retro-reflective action and when a headlight beam hits them, the light is reflected back to the driver and they can clearly see the lines on the road.


Spherical glass beads enhance the visibility of road markings after dark, and they also improve the durability of the painted media, making the lines last longer and helping them to become more noticeable.


What are the advantages of road marking beads? 

Glass beads can be added to paint as a premixed or drop-on option, and once the paint is applied to the surface of the highway it has a number of immediate advantages including the following:


  • Coated glass beads have a high reflective value which makes them ideal to use on heavy rainfall highways due to them being very easy to spot.    


  • Uncoated glass beads can be added to road markings to enhance their visibility at night making roads safer to drive on after dark.


  • You can use various sized beads and they are just as suitable for water based or solvent based road marking paints, and can also be used with other thermoplastic materials.


  • Glass beads work well as a drop-on application and you can premix them with your choice of paint or thermoplastic material depending on the material you prefer.


  • Road marking glass beads are chemically inert which makes them an environmentally friendly type of material.


As you can see, glass road marking beads have many unique advantages and you can find out more about them and get a FREE quote by contacting us here at Blastrite, the experts in surface preparation innovation.

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Created on 22nd February 2018
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