JUN 26, 2015

Road safety – everything you need to know

Driving has come a long way, and now we operate safer cars on safer roads. But that doesn’t mean we should take less care. Driving can still be very dangerous, and each year there are thousands of accidents.

But you’re a more than competent driver, right?

What could go wrong?

Well, the longer we drive the more bad habits we pick up. Bad habits that could put yourself and others around you at risk.

To help ensure that you’re safe behind the wheel, we’ve put together a few tips.

Stick to the speed limits

It sounds so obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many drivers ignore this rule. After a few years on the road, they become a little more relaxed with the rules and start to push a little over the speed limit.

The speed limits are there for a reason. Going five miles per hour over them can make a massive difference.

Stick to them.

Remove distractions

From mobile phones to your morning breakfast – a lot of people multitask while behind the wheel. The road needs your undivided attention, so provide it.

Don’t become distracted by billboards or the bleating of your phone.

Consider staying in during bad weather

Heavy rain or snow can seriously impact driving conditions. If you have to make a long journey by car when the weather has taken a turn for the worse, reconsider.

It can diminish visibility too, making it even harder to see dangers further up the road.

Pay attention to road markings

The road markings are there to provide clear lane instructions, separate traffic, and distinguish cyclists. It’s vitally important that you know where the markings are. If you drift too far into one lane, or wander into the path of a cyclist, something bad will happen.

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Created on 26th June 2015
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