MAR 1, 2016

The best way to get rid of rust

Rust is a coating of iron oxide that occurs by oxidation, this is heightened by the presence of moisture on surface areas. It is noticeable by its distinctive bronzy-reddish colour, but also can be yellow-brown and is commonly found on iron or steel materials.

Although it’s difficult to stop objects rusting, there are ways you can delay this process and we showcase them here, along with suggestions on how to prevent rust in the first place.

How to prevent it

Tip one - Keeping metal dry is a good way of ensuring that objects stays rust-free; for example, leave your bike outside in the rain with no protection and this will increase the probability of rust occurring. Use a cover and this helps to keep objects dry, better still, lock them away in a moisture-free environment.  

Tip two - Applying primer to metal is another effective way of keeping your metallic objects rust free. Primer acts as a waterproof layer, it helps to prevent moisture from infiltrating metal surfaces, therefore, no oxidation can occur and rust will not be seen.

Tip three - As an extra safeguard against rust, add a layer of paint over the top of primer, this will act as another waterproof layer. By creating a top layer of paint, if any moisture manages to seep past the initial coating, it then has to breach the primer, so you have a double layer of protection. Applying primer and paint is the safest guard against rusting.

Tip four - Placing dehumidifiers in your garage or storage room is another protector against rusting. Air treatment equipment will reduce the amount of humidity and therefore moisture in the atmosphere.

How to remove it

Try our home remedies for removing rust from metal and say goodbye to corruptive corrosion.

White Wine Vinegar

White wine vinegar is a popular method to remove rust from metal; it’s especially useful for nuts, bolts and screws.  The acid within the white vinegar has a reaction with the rust, place rusted screws into a bowl of vinegar for 24 hours and they’ll look shiny and new afterwards.

Salt and Lime

Sprinkling salt over the rusted area of your metal with a little lime juice is another technique for removing rust. After leaving the mixture for a few hours, you can simply scrub the rust from your metal and the results are really remarkable.

Little tip, if you use the rind of the lime as a makeshift scourer it’s strong enough to rub off the rust but will not affect the metal underneath.

So there you go, our best rust preventing tips at Blastrite and a couple of home remedy suggestions to cure rusty metal as well.


















Created on 1st March 2016
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