MAR 3, 2017

Air Compressors for Media Blasting – What You Need to Know

You are going to need an air compressor to help you complete outdoor media blasting and that can be a challenge trying to find the ideal equipment for the task you have in mind. Try not to worry if possible. There are plenty of compressors available if you know what you are looking for, with models that are perfect for all types of sand and media blasting.

Here we list the main things to think about if you are purchasing an air compressor for sandblasting and don’t know where to start.

New or Used?

Buying a new air compressor is the safest bet if you have the budget to afford to it. This way you know the equipment is guaranteed and should work without any problems the moment you turn it on. If you look at pre-used air compressors, consider the condition of the equipment, whether it starts up without any issues and runs smoothly once the engine is running.

Pressure delivery

What type of abrasive delivery do you require? This could be siphon fed or direct pressure. With a siphon fed system you have a gun with two hoses attached, one hose is used for the abrasive material, the other is for the compressed airline. Direct pressure systems only use one hose that contains both compressed air and blast media.    

Nozzle sizes

Establish the nozzle size of the gun you will be using for sandblasting to work out how much air pressure you need and the size of the compressor required.  Portable pots have a set standard for guns and nozzle sizes. It’s important to establish these facts from the beginning when you are investing in an air compressor. 

Type of abrasive

Use a portable pot linked to a compressor and you will be blasting at a high rate with specific types of blast media. Unlike blast cabinets, where you can recycle harder types of media, portable systems only use the media once so it’s important to pick the right type of material for the compressor. 

 If you need advice about compressors for media blasting, want to purchase blasting abrasives, painting equipment or sandblasting systems, contact us here at Blastrite or call us on +27 21 417 1700.

Created on 3rd March 2017
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