APR 5, 2016

Common Signs of Surface Coatings Fails

Thoroughly prepare a surface area prior to coating it with a fresh lick of paint and there’s no reason for the application to fail. By ensuring the surface area is properly primed way in advance, you manage to avoid countless issues associated with shoddy workmanship, such as these classic pre-prep short fallings.    

Flaking Paintwork

Normally flaking paintwork is caused when paint materials start to decompose and begins to pull away from the surface area. When this happens the affected area should be improved with expert surface preparation prior to applying a top layer of good quality paint. Various methods can be used to strip away old flaking paintwork including heat guns and scrapers for oil-based paints in smaller areas. If paintwork is flaking on larger surface areas, sandblasting is a speedier solution.

Paint Blisters

Often caused when top coats of paint lift away from the base coat due to excess moisture, blisters on paintwork are unsightly, they spoil the appearance of painted surfaces. Ways to solve this include stripping back the surface paint, addressing the moisture issue, then properly priming the surface area before repainting it with a quality coating.   

General Imperfections in Surface Areas

Strip any surface back to basics and this gives you a level playing ground, from here you can fully prepare the area for a top coat of paint. Problems tend to arise with paint coatings after poor preparation work.  Sandblast the area for example, and you can apply primers and undercoats in gradual layers before finishing off the project with a top coat of paint. Make sure the base layers are dry though before you brush over them with a top coat to prevent imperfections in the paint.

Staining on Paint

Clearly visible signs of stains or discolouring seeping through a freshly coated surface area are really discouraging. Not only does this affect the appearance of a freshly painted surface, it can lead to ongoing maintenance work as the area will have to be repaired and painted. Staining can be caused by something as simple as a rusted nailhead within building materials which corrode and seep down surface coatings. When this happens, remedial repair work will be required.

These are common examples of paint fails on surface areas. Whatever your requirements are for surface preparation and painting, we have innovative solutions waiting for you here at Blastrite.          

Created on 5th April 2016
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