MAY 3, 2016

Surprising Surfaces You Can Sandblast

Ever wondered if there’s a limit to the types of items that can be sandblasted? Surface preparation has become so much easier now that grit blasting is available, and you’d be surprised at just what you can clean with the right tools and the ideal blasting abrasives.  

Here we have a few examples to prove our point...

Rusted plant and machinery

Metal components are easily cleaned with sandblasting. Rusty machinery and items of plant equipment that look like they have seen better days can be restored swiftly and conveniently with a sandblasting treatment.  In just a few minutes a rusted wreck can look totally different.

Metal furniture

Think that metal garden furniture is fit for nothing? Have it blasted to remove surface contaminants then give it a coat of weatherproof paint. Not only will it look like new, it’ll be protected in the future and provide you with many years of pleasure.

Feature fireplaces

Metal or stone fireplaces can be fully restored with a shot of sandblasting. This process strips the surface area back to natural, meticulously restoring brick, stone or metal. Renovate a property and grit blasting can be a very useful ally.      

Bike frames

Rusted bicycle or motorcycle frames are certainly unsightly but their appearance changes somewhat having undergone a session in a shot blasting cabinet. Not only does this remove rust and restore the glimmer on metalwork, it cleans, descales and leaves a lovely little shine.    

Wooden beams

Did you know timber can be prepared using grit blasting equipment? Dry grit blasting is ideal to use on exposed wooden areas, use it on schemes where you want to restore the natural look of the timber. Do this on renovation projects where you plan to expose wooden beams. It’s ideal for barn conversions and other schemes where timber treatment is required.

As you can see, sandblasting is so useful for many purposes. If you have a surface area that needs preparing, get in touch with us here at Blastrite. 

Created on 3rd May 2016
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