JUN 1, 2016

Safe Surface Preparation Using Bristle Blaster Mechanical Tools

We’re proud to be in partnership with Monti here at Blastrite and thanks to this we can now offer you the very latest surface preparation technologies. In areas where blasting isn’t suitable, or it’s simply not permitted, you can now use other solutions to safely restore surfaces working with equipment like the Bristle Blaster mechanical tool.

Very easy to use, the Bristle Blaster is ideal for the removal of mill scale, corrosion, and other contaminants from a wide range of surfaces and coatings.        

Used correctly, this is a speedy and harmless solution, offering a wealth of benefits to numerous industries.

Why use the Bristle Blaster mechanical tool?

  • Ideal to remove corrosion on a host of surface areas
  • Perfect for areas where blasting isn’t permitted
  • Improves the integrity of treated surfaces
  • Produces minimal heat
  • Very simple to use and extremely economical to operate

It’s a safer way to prepare surfaces!

Quite simply, mechanical tools such as the Bristle Blaster offer you a different dynamic when you are performing surface preparation processes.

Follow the operating instructions and this is actually a greener way to prepare a range of different surfaces. It’s safer too, for a number of valid reasons.

Why is it safer to use?

  • Minimal vibrations - The machine emits low vibrations so you can use it all day long without any risk to your health.  
  • Light and easy to use – Thanks to the design of the Bristle Blaster you will notice it’s easy to handle for longer periods without any feelings of fatigue.
  • Minimal safety wear required – Unlike other types of surface preparation techniques you only have to wear safety glasses, gloves and a face mask when you are using this low-risk mechanical tool. 
  • Less noise – Most surface preparation processes are noisy and dusty. The Bristle Blaster delivers a lower sound pressure level, so it’s more comfortable and less challenging to your ears.   

Ideal to use on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals you can now blast away rust using a bristle action mechanical tool. For more details, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Blastrite for surface preparation innovation.  

Created on 1st June 2016
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