JUL 23, 2014

Common paint gun problems

There’s an art to spray painting surface areas. With a little practice and by using approved painting systems there’s no reason why you can’t achieve professional results.

Problems arise from time to time though, especially when you are using a paint gun.

In most cases, these problems are easy to avoid when you are painting a surface, if you do experience issues some of this information might be useful.    

My gun doesn’t work

You are about to start spraying, you are wearing protective clothing and the gun refuses to work, what do you do? There are various reasons the gun might not work. The most obvious is you have forgotten to put paint in the pot.

Check to see you have plenty of paint before you start spraying, don’t let a lack of raw materials spoil the moment.

Gun still doesn’t work

Got plenty of paint? That’s one item to eliminate off your troubleshoot list.

Next check the air supply to the spray gun. Do you have plenty of air? You should do if your compressor is working okay.

If there’s an issue with the air supply and the compressor is working fine there could be another issue such as loose couplings or a leaking hose. Check both of these areas out and eliminate them one by one.     

Could a blockage be causing the issue?

Blockages are other common reasons why a paint gun refuses to work. Tiny particles of dirt are sometimes sucked into the gun. If the nozzle is blocked this restricts the flow of paint.  

Clean the gun out and check the nozzle for any signs of debris. Tighten the nozzle back up afterwards and this should resolve the issue.

Watch out for leaks

One other problem you might need to address is leaking nozzles on paint guns. This presents a whole new range of issues. If you spot leaks make sure the nozzle is correctly tightened and you have the right sized parts for the gun, mistakes can happen especially when you are buying aftermarket parts.  

This blog highlights some of the most common problems associated with paint guns, do a spot of trouble shooting if you experience issues and be fully prepared before you spray surface areas.    

Created on 23rd July 2014
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