NOV 26, 2013

5 items of safety equipment you should use when wasterjet blasting

We sell a range of waterjetting equipment at Blastrite and always advise our customers to wear safety gear whenever they use this type of system for surface preparation. We want you to be safe when you are working with waterjet systems so wrote this guide on safety features you should use when you are waterjetting a surface area.

  1. Helmet: A protective helmet is the first item of equipment to place about your person, opt for an industry-approved hard hat that has a clear plastic visor attached. This will protect your head from flying debris when you are blasting a surface area and keep your eyes safe at the same time.
  2. Coveralls: Protective overalls are another safety feature you must insist on wearing when you are preparing surfaces prior to painting. Pick a waterproof all-in-one rain suit that covers your entire body, it’ll keep you dry and protect your body from water-based missiles as well.
  3. Ear defenders: Waterjetting can be a noisy business so give your ears adequate protection and wear a set of ear defenders. Be safe and comfortable when you perform heavy waterjet tasks or you could be left with ‘ringing’ in your ears.   
  4. Gloves: Hand protection is essential when you are blasting materials so look for a durable set of gloves. Wool mittens won’t do, you need a durable pair of watertight gloves that give you plenty of grip, come lined for comfort and provide you with protection up to 7500 PSI.
  5. Safety shoes: Keep your feet dry and wear a pair of rubber safety boots that are skidproof and resistant to a range of materials. Look for boots that give you total protection at high pressure and you know your feet and lower legs will be fine when you turn on the waterjet equipment.
Created on 26th November 2013
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