APR 25, 2017

Does Your Portable Airless Spray Gun Have This?

Portable airless sprayers can be extremely useful for projects that require small finishing touches. For fast and fine finishes, they are hard to beat, thanks to their ease of use and practicality.

When choosing a portable spray gun, it’s always a good idea to look at the features of the sprayer to establish if this is the right equipment for you. Listed below are some of the more obvious considerations you might want to make prior to choosing a fine finish sprayer.             


What kind of tip does the spray gun have? Can it produce a fine mist at low pressure and a speedy application of paint materials? Look for tips that deliver a soft application with the ability for you to easily control the spray fan.  It would be useful if the tips could be cleared easily to prevent paint clogs and also it would be beneficial if you could switch tips with ease if you need to change the fan width.  

Paint hopper

A paint hopper is really useful if you only want to spray small areas. Look for a spray gun where a hopper easily attaches to the tool, one that comes with a lid to prevent spills when the hopper is moved. Ideally, the hopper should be easy to clean afterwards once you have finished painting the material, so look for one with a smooth interior surface.


How effortlessly does the handle nestle in your hand? Does it fill you with confidence giving you maximum control and grip? It should do when you are applying a fine finish of paint. Preferably, the gun should glide from side to side, enabling you to spray in an effortless manner.


How heavy is the spray gun to carry from site to site? This is important if you regularly complete painting contracts on the go. Is it light enough to carry and does it have a convenient handle that makes it easier for you to carry the system? Think about this when you are buying a fine finish spray gun. It’s you that has to hump it about. 

Here at Blastrite, we stock a large range of fine finish spray guns and all the ancillary equipment you will ever require for paint applications. For more details, contact us today or call us on +27 21 417 1700.        

Created on 25th April 2017
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