DEC 20, 2016

What is Sandblasting for Vehicle Restorations and How Does It Work?

Sandblasting is a process that fires small particles of material at surface areas to remove rust and existing coatings.  It is particularly effective when used for vehicle restorations where the original material needs to be exposed prior to prepping and painting. This quick solution saves time and gives vehicle restorers the perfect platform to begin their restoration projects.

What exactly happens when a vehicle is sandblasted?

During the sandblasting process, vehicle restorers wear protective clothing and breathing apparatus whilst firing tiny particles of material at high velocity towards a surface area. Quite often, they will use custom booths to prepare car parts in or work outdoors if the weather is favourable. Carefully aiming their sandblasting equipment at the area which requires treating, they work methodically to carefully strip back surface coatings, rust, filler and signs of contamination as the bare metal is stripped back to basics.  

What parts of the vehicle are sandblasted during a preparation process?

Various parts of a vehicle can be exposed to a sandblasting treatment including body panels, suspension parts, the frame and chassis. Parts like metal wheel drums, bonnets, boots or tailgates can undergo this process, and steel wheels can also be stripped and treated with sandblasting equipment. Whether you want an axle restoring or disc brakes cleaning, these can be carefully restored back to their original condition.

How does this help?

By using small bits of abrasive and firing them at high speed towards metal surfaces all imperfections are removed. Afterward, the surface area is left clean and smooth, ready for the next stage of the vehicle preparation process. This highly effective means of cleaning metalwork helps to remove years of paint and body fillers. It also helps to expose holes and other imperfections that will need treating before the surface area is prepped and painted.  

What happens next? 

Once the areas you want treating have been thoroughly sandblasted clean they can be prepared, painted and reinstated back onto the vehicle. Primers, sealants and custom paints are typically applied following surface preparation to leave a flawless finish. By sandblasting metal areas, this gives vehicle restorers the perfect platform to apply a durable finish whilst adding lustre to the paint job.   

Should you require sandblasting equipment for any project, whether this is a car restoration or other type of surface preparation, we have the tools you need here at Blastrite. Simply contact us for more details or call our sales hotline on +27 21 417 1700.   

Created on 20th December 2016
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