MAR 19, 2018

The Benefits of Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium Bicarbonate is just one of the many blasting abrasives we supply here at Blastrite and we do this for a very good reason. This white crystalline media looks like a .... read more
Created on 19th March 2018
FEB 22, 2018

The Immediate Benefits of Road Marking Glass Beads

Glass beads have been a major contributing factor to advancements in road safety for a number of years now, and in this blog, we look at some of the more obvious benefits .... read more
Created on 22nd February 2018
JAN 30, 2018

The Advantages of Aluminium Oxide as a Blasting Abrasive

There are many different types of blast media available, so why choose aluminium oxide for surface preparation?  As the second hardest mineral in the world, aluminiu .... read more
Created on 30th January 2018
DEC 21, 2017

5 Things You Never Knew About Garnet

Garnet is just one of the many blasting abrasives we supply here at Blastrite. It’s a natural mineral abrasive and consists of sub-angular particles that are mined .... read more
Created on 21st December 2017
NOV 22, 2017

A Few Facts About Steel

We supply a number of steel products here at Blastrite, including steel grit and steel shot, widely used for surface preparation processes. Our steel blasting abrasives a .... read more
Created on 22nd November 2017
OCT 20, 2017

Common Glass Defects

We’re a leading supplier of Magflux® blast furnace slag here at Blastrite, and firmly believe this is the ideal fining agent to use in the production of contain .... read more
Created on 20th October 2017
SEP 27, 2017

The Top Uses For Glass Beads

You might have heard about glass bead abrasives. These little microspheres of glass are made to the highest quality and have many advantages. Great for general cleaning, .... read more
Created on 27th September 2017
AUG 25, 2017

Things You Didn’t Know You Can Paint But You Can

Our surface preparation treatments are ideal for the paint and coatings industry. Here at Blastrite, we have abrasives, sandblasting materials and painting systems to ena .... read more
Created on 25th August 2017
JUL 28, 2017

Common House Restoration Mistakes

What’s the worst thing you could do to your property? Many people realise the benefits of sandblasting to help improve the look and the condition of exterior surfac .... read more
Created on 28th July 2017
JUN 20, 2017

Facts You Never Knew About Glass

The container glass industry is just one of the many sectors we serve here at Blastrite. Made with melted silica sand and a blend of soda ash and limestone, commercial co .... read more
Created on 20th June 2017
MAY 19, 2017

The Importance of Surface Preparation for Welding

The secret to any successful coating application is to thoroughly prepare the surface beforehand prior to adding any type of top coat. What happens if the surface needs t .... read more
Created on 19th May 2017
APR 25, 2017

Does Your Portable Airless Spray Gun Have This?

Portable airless sprayers can be extremely useful for projects that require small finishing touches. For fast and fine finishes, they are hard to beat, thanks to their ea .... read more
Created on 25th April 2017
APR 5, 2017

Picking the Perfect Sandblasting Media

With so much sandblasting media available, it’s easy to become a little confused when you are choosing the perfect medium to clean and prepare a surface area. Depen .... read more
Created on 5th April 2017
MAR 3, 2017

Air Compressors for Media Blasting – What You Need to Know

You are going to need an air compressor to help you complete outdoor media blasting and that can be a challenge trying to find the ideal equipment for the task you have i .... read more
Created on 3rd March 2017
FEB 13, 2017

Different Types of Steelwork Preparation

Pre-treatment is vital when you are preparing steelwork prior to painting. Whether you are renovating a fuel tank, water container, or want to recoat the surface area of .... read more
Created on 13th February 2017
DEC 20, 2016

Stonework Restoration Projects That Give Instant Results

Restoring stonework is a brilliant way to improve the aesthetics of your property. Not only will it make your house look better, it can also have a positive impact on the .... read more
Created on 20th December 2016
DEC 20, 2016

What is Sandblasting for Vehicle Restorations and How Does It Work?

Sandblasting is a process that fires small particles of material at surface areas to remove rust and existing coatings.  It is particularly effective when used for v .... read more
Created on 20th December 2016
SEP 23, 2016

Did You Know This About Waterjetting?

If you’re new to the concept of waterjetting it can be a little confusing. Let’s face it, how one earth do you create unique shapes and specialist parts using .... read more
Created on 23rd September 2016
AUG 26, 2016

Sandblasting Safety Wear You Need!

Sandblasting can be an extremely dangerous process and safety should always come first. As well as using your sandblaster safely, the appropriate safety gear will offer y .... read more
Created on 26th August 2016
JUL 29, 2016

Metal Surface Paint Failure – What Went Wrong?

Spray a paint coating over a metal surface and you wouldn’t expect it to fail, not for a long time at least. This does happen though for a number of reasons and whe .... read more
Created on 29th July 2016
JUN 27, 2016

Sandblast your property for all of these obvious reasons

If you are toying with the idea of sandblasting your property don’t delay any longer. Now is the ideal time to treat your home to a quick makeover, you could make s .... read more
Created on 27th June 2016
JUN 1, 2016

Safe Surface Preparation Using Bristle Blaster Mechanical Tools

We’re proud to be in partnership with Monti here at Blastrite and thanks to this we can now offer you the very latest surface preparation technologies. In areas whe .... read more
Created on 1st June 2016
MAY 3, 2016

Surprising Surfaces You Can Sandblast

Ever wondered if there’s a limit to the types of items that can be sandblasted? Surface preparation has become so much easier now that grit blasting is available, a .... read more
Created on 3rd May 2016
APR 5, 2016

Common Signs of Surface Coatings Fails

Thoroughly prepare a surface area prior to coating it with a fresh lick of paint and there’s no reason for the application to fail. By ensuring the surface area is .... read more
Created on 5th April 2016
MAR 1, 2016

The best way to get rid of rust

Rust is a coating of iron oxide that occurs by oxidation, this is heightened by the presence of moisture on surface areas. It is noticeable by its distinctive bronzy-redd .... read more
Created on 1st March 2016
JAN 19, 2016

Should You Be Using Steel Grit?

Steel grit grains are characterised by a predominantly angular shape and used as abrasive media. It’s created through the crushing ofsteel shot, and the sharp edges .... read more
Created on 19th January 2016
DEC 21, 2015

Sandblasting Hazards to Avoid

Sandblasting is a safe, effective surface preparation solution, take suitable precautions before, during, and after the process, and this is a very efficient coating grou .... read more
Created on 21st December 2015
NOV 5, 2015

How to Troubleshoot Problems with Your Sand Blaster

Sandblasters operate on a pressure or siphon system, whether you use them for cleaning glass, metal, plastics or wood. This means that troubleshooting problems with your .... read more
Created on 5th November 2015
OCT 9, 2015

After Sandblasting Your Walls, What Type of Paint Should You Use?

At Blastrite, we specialise in providing you with the means to sandblast a variety of surfaces, ready for painting. By ensuring you’ve properly prepared your surfac .... read more
Created on 9th October 2015
AUG 25, 2015

How to prepare a surface for painting

Here at Blastrite we specialise in supplying the equipment you need to sandblast your surfaces ready for paints and coatings to be applied. However, sandblasting your sur .... read more
Created on 25th August 2015
AUG 25, 2015

The importance of surface preparation

No matter what wall or object you’re painting, it’s always important to prepare the surface first to ensure that the end result is as good as can be. Painting .... read more
Created on 25th August 2015
JUN 26, 2015

Road safety – everything you need to know

Driving has come a long way, and now we operate safer cars on safer roads. But that doesn’t mean we should take less care. Driving can still be very dangerous, and .... read more
Created on 26th June 2015
MAY 28, 2015

Why we’re loco about Traction Media!

When you think about it, the concept of train travel is fairly simple. Lay metal tracks from one location to another, run a passenger carrying vehicle on these tracks, an .... read more
Created on 28th May 2015
APR 27, 2015

Why road markings are so important

Drive a vehicle on any public road and you’ll notice a variety of markings helping to control the flow and movement of traffic.  No doubt you spot these markin .... read more
Created on 27th April 2015
MAR 26, 2015

Flash rusting – what it is and how to prevent it

Water jetting is an effective method of surface preparation, widely used on a wide range of materials including metal and stone.  Water jets clean dirt, they blast a .... read more
Created on 26th March 2015
FEB 27, 2015

The different types of abrasive blasting

Abrasive blasting involves forcibly propelling abrasive material against a surface with high pressure to remove surface contaminants, smooth a rough surface, or roughen a .... read more
Created on 27th February 2015
JAN 19, 2015

The dangers of sandblasting

When we think of hazardous jobs, the work that most often comes to mind is working with heavy machinery or at heights. But there is one extremely dangerous job that&rsqu .... read more
Created on 19th January 2015
JAN 5, 2015

Blast cleaning for automobiles – what it can be used for

Restore a classic car and blast cleaning is a useful method to strip parts back to basics. It’s especially effective for paint removal and corrosion treatment if yo .... read more
Created on 5th January 2015
NOV 25, 2014

How to Extract Aluminium Oxide

Aluminium is the third most abundant element in the earth, behind oxygen and silicone. It forms approximately 8 % of the earth’s crust. The element is known to bond .... read more
Created on 25th November 2014
OCT 28, 2014

Painting the outside of your home professionally

You’ll know when it’s time to freshen-up the outside of your home.  The paintwork will lose its appeal, the windows will look lifeless and the door will .... read more
Created on 28th October 2014
SEP 15, 2014

Buying a blast hose – pitfalls to avoid

As a leading provider of blast hose, Blastrite is in the enviable position of being able to offer our customers a quality service at an affordable price. Our hoses are .... read more
Created on 15th September 2014
AUG 14, 2014

Our quick and easy guide to cleaning graffiti off your property

In a few cases graffiti can be considered something of an art. But in the majority of instances, it’s an eyesore. And if fit ends up on your property (unless it&rsq .... read more
Created on 14th August 2014
JUL 23, 2014

Common paint gun problems

There’s an art to spray painting surface areas. With a little practice and by using approved painting systems there’s no reason why you can’t achieve pr .... read more
Created on 23rd July 2014
JUN 23, 2014

Guaranteed methods to prevent water jet injuries

Water jet blasting is a highly efficient method of surface preparation, blast a variety of surfaces with a high pressure hose and you quickly say goodbye to dirt, grime a .... read more
Created on 23rd June 2014
MAY 19, 2014

How a glass bottle is recycled

We supply a special type of blended, refined blast furnace slag at Blastrite for use within the container glass industry. It’s called Magflux and consists of caO, S .... read more
Created on 19th May 2014
APR 23, 2014

Practical painting tips to follow quality surface preparation projects

We all know good surface preparation is the key to a quality paint finish, blast a surface with our specialist media and we guarantee it’ll deliver the best possibl .... read more
Created on 23rd April 2014
MAR 6, 2014

Mistakes you can make when sandblasting surfaces

Over the years we’ve dealt with numerous customers at Blastrite and most of the people that buy granular abrasive commodities from our company are industry professi .... read more
Created on 6th March 2014
FEB 12, 2014

Tips for using a paint sprayer

Hopefully you’ll receive some type of training before you use a paint sprayer for the first time, this way you’ll know the basics when you approach a painting .... read more
Created on 12th February 2014
JAN 27, 2014

White lines save lives

We kind of take road markings for granted as modern motorists, trundle along the highway and you expect clear and visible markings to guide the way. What happens at night .... read more
Created on 27th January 2014
DEC 18, 2013

5 points to consider when sandblasting surfaces

We always advise our customers to take extra precautions when they are sandblasting surface areas and we recommend wearing safety gear for obvious reasons whenever you ar .... read more
Created on 18th December 2013
NOV 26, 2013

5 items of safety equipment you should use when wasterjet blasting

We sell a range of waterjetting equipment at Blastrite and always advise our customers to wear safety gear whenever they use this type of system for surface preparation. .... read more
Created on 26th November 2013
OCT 29, 2013

What you need to start your own sandblasting business

One of our earlier blogs highlighted reasons why it’s good to use sandblasting services and we hope you found that useful. This blog looks at sandblasting from a bu .... read more
Created on 29th October 2013
OCT 11, 2013

Reasons you should use sandblasting services

Sandblasting is a specialist surface preparation treatment that cleans away old debris and gets a surface ready for repainting or refurbishment. There are a number of dis .... read more
Created on 11th October 2013